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Watertorque Nastec HMA and Vasco install Kimberley cattle station

By June 16, 2022June 28th, 2022No Comments
Watertorque Liveringa Solar Bore Pump system for cattle station 3

Wow… take a look at this impressive solar system!!!

Watertorque has recently completed another large-scale Nastec solar pumping system for a Kimberley cattle station, using Vasco and HMA.

The client engaged Watertorque to design, supply & install a pumping system which could produce up to 290,000 litres per day suppling tanks over 13km from the bore location utilising solar.

This project included the below:

  • Nastec Vasco Solar Drive
  • Nastec HMA Controller for Automatic Generator Backup Power Supply
  • 100 Panel Clenergy Solar Array System (5 strings of 20)
  • Franklin 6in Bore Pump with Crusader Hose
  • Galvanized Headworks
  • Mait Remote Control & Monitoring System
  • 13km Pipeline of 125mm HDPE

💡 Did you know these Italian made solar drives by Nastec can power motors up to 132kw using solar? You can even have automatic generator or mains power backup by installing the Nastec HMA. Click here to check out the VASCO & HMA catalogues.

Please contact the team at Watertorque if you’re looking to go solar on your next project, we have branches in Muchea & Broome.

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