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Agricultural Irrigation & Water Solutions

This is our specialty at Watertorque and the core of our business!

We custom design, supply and install all agricultural applications – market gardens, orchards, larger farms, stations, growers, feedlots and stockwater applications. We have a great deal of experience in the agricultural industry, working on a vast variety of projects covering all of these applications.

Our capabilities include: pumping, irrigation systems, sprinkler specifications, Fertigation and Chemigation systems, filtration, automation & controls, stock water solutions.

We offer professional CAD designs, fully specification and management on larger projects.

Please see our Pivots page for all centre point pivots and linear reticulation for larger scale growing.

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Rural & Domestic Irrigation

Every reticulation design is unique!

At Watertorque, we listen to your needs and offer fully customisable irrigation systems that can be designed, supplied and/or installed.

We believe in providing the right solution with products we trust and allow for additions to be developed in the future. So you are not just buying a solution for now, but one that is also focused on the future!

Want someone to design it but you can build it? Not a problem we are more than happy to design and supply your project, or bring in your own plans and we can help!

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Commercial Irrigation

We have extensive experience in the commercial sector working closely with government, mining, agriculture and dust suppression systems.

Please contact us for further information on your specific needs.

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Irrigation Servicing and Maintenance

Service and maintenance of your irrigation and water systems is essential to ensure your efficiency and performance is kept at a optimum. Watertorque is available for any service and repairs on your system and can create maintenance plans to suit you and ensure that small issues are fixed before they become a larger and costly problem.

Our teams are available for emergency call outs, we are prompt, dependable, and work to your requirements.

Please Enquire now to schedule your service! Or fill out the form and we shall get back to you.

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