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Water Storage Solutions

Pioneer Water Tanks – Rural

Since 1988, Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied Australia with water tanks for domestic, farming, fire fighting and industrial applications.

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer Water Tanks are made from strong and durable 100% Australian made Zincalume and Colourbond steel.

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Quality steel water tanks built to last with innovative design, technology & manufacturing standards AND have a standard 20 year warranty they stand by.

Choosing the right size Pioneer Water Tank is the most important decision for your steel water tank. The most common mistake is choosing a water tank too small that won’t store enough water for its use over the dry months. We are more than happy to assist you in making sure your water storage is right for you!


Pioneer Rural Water Tanks Sizes


Pioneer Water Tanks colours - standard Colorbond
Pioneer Water Tanks colours - non-standard Colorbond

Our Recommendations

There are also other important considerations that may affect your decisions. If dust, insects and animals are likely to be a problem contaminating your water supply, we recommend adding Superseal to your Pioneer Water Tank, a high density foam sealer designed to help keep them out and your water clean!


Don’t let rocks or sharp objects compromise your liner.  Pioneer Water Tanks use a special Geotextile Underlay for those areas with coarse terrain that are likely to damage the liner.

Need your tank raised? Pioneer offer a range of earth rings to increase the static water height of your tank. This increases your gravity supply pressure particularly useful for stock troughs.

Want to discuss which optional extras that are suitable for you? We are here to help and more than happy to assist. Enquire Now!


Pioneer Water Tanks - Commercial

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a comprehensive range of customised solutions for water storage applications ranging from 12000 litres to 10 million litres. Structurally engineered for agricultural use, fire protection, potable water, water treatment, waste water, mining, industrial, local government, utilities and oil & gas requirements.

Commercial Specification

Please click the image to download the Pioneer Water Tanks Commercial Specification Catalogue!

Commercial Capabilities

Please click the image to download the Pioneer Water Tanks Commercial Capabilities!

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