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Have you checked on your water tank lately?

By July 8, 2022No Comments
Water Tank Anode replacement

Have you checked on your water tank lately?

With water being such a precious resource, tank maintenance is important to protect your investment and ensure it remains a reliable storage vessel for years to come.

Pioneer steel tanks are installed with 2 x sacrificial anodes that should be replaced every 10 years. These anodes form the cathodic protection system which draw corrosion away from your tank and into the anode itself. These are a low cost, DIY friendly maintenance item integral to your overall tank health.

It’s also a good time to check your leaf basket and make sure it’s clean & damage free. Watertorque has Pioneer stainless steel mesh baskets available for purchase, which are a great upgrade from the standard plastic units.

We can offer supply of parts only via our retail store, as well as supply & installation solutions.

Feel free to talk to your local Watertorque representative for more information on tank maintenance.


Water Tank Leaf Basket Maintenance
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