Pivot Irrigation

The leader in its class engineered, constructed and tested to outperform in field, that’s why growers and farmers depend on Valley!

Centre Pivots

Valley’s cornerstone product that sets the benchmark in the pivot industry from the 8000 series worldwide is the Model 8120. Fully customisable with options to suit your growing needs no matter the scale.

Features & Specifications:

  • Up to 24 spans covering a maximum of 853m
  • Crop clearance profiles in low, standard, high & ultra high
  • Towable options
  • Corners, Benders and Dropspan that can be added utilising the most from your land.

If you farm 25 hectares or fewer, the Small Field Centre Pivot from the 5000 series might be the best option for you! The same high quality design and performance you expect from Valley, this multi span fixed pivot utilises a 127mm pipeline. It is a great option for reducing running weight and to irrigate your small farm. Another Small Field alternative is the Valley Single Span Pivots, recommended for areas 2.2 – 10 hectares where there is limited electricity. Options include Hydraulic or Gasoline driven, these machines are a low cost towable option for small productive areas and are easy to maintain.

Towable Centre Pivots are an economical option allowing you to irrigate multiple fields, reducing installation costs and maximising the efficiency of your land. Based on the Model 8120 structure and controls there are the following options:

2 Wheel E-Z Tow

Ideal for part circle irrigation and multi-directional towing. Maximum length of 335m with up to 5 spans. Easy to use and comes standard with tongue hitch design.

4 Wheel E-Z Tow

Available in two pipe diameter options 219mm & 254mm, maximum length is 457m, pivot can be anchored on concrete pad or earth anchor and comes standard with tongue hitch for a fast and secure connection.

Skid Pivot

A low cost option best used for supplementary irrigation and limited towing. Can be used on the longest towable pivots (Not available on 219mm pivot points)

Quick Tow Pivot Point

A low cost option best used for frequent towing in easy terrain and soils. 5” Diameter pipeline with span lengths up to 66.4m.

Please click on the image to download the Centre Pivots catalogue.


Valley linear machines are a highly efficient form of irrigation designed to irrigate up to 98% of your square or rectangular field by tracking back and forth as opposed to around a centre point. The increased coverage results in maximum yields for our growers and farmers and offers choices to fit your farm and needs.

The Valley Rainger Linear

This is Valley’s premier linear irrigator suited to larger fields with versatile water sources. It is a one cart platform with two water feed options either ditch or hose and fully customisable to your needs.

It has a high flow capability, on board tanks for chemigation and a swing around option to rotate 180 degrees on the cart to irrigate those odd shaped fields.

Two Wheel Linear

A great all round irrigation solution for smaller fields with the options for either ditch or hose water sources and the versatility of being a standard linear, swing around or towable irrigator.

Universal Linear

Designed for swing around applications, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear and pivot modes allowing increased irrigation of your crop. A highly versatile machine suited to smaller fields and also offers towing capabilities.

Please click on the image to download the Linears Pivot catalogue.

Corners, Benders & Dropspan

Get the most out of your field with the use of Valley Corners, Benders and Dropspan when an existing structure or trees are in the way!

Valley Corners

From the affordable simple stop start controls of the VFlex Corner, it offers the most features and options in the market today to fully customise your growing needs!

Moving to the high tech Valley Precision Corner, this provides extreme precision where every last inch counts, even the corners!

Valley Benders

Valley Benders are designed as an inexpensive add on to your existing or new centre pivot to gain those extra acres of crop irrigation.

How does it work?

Firstly, two barriers are put into place either side of the area you want to ‘wrap around’. When the pivot reaches the first barrier, the pivot stops while the bending tower keeps irrigating until it reaches the second barrier. It auto reverses until in line with the stopped portion of pivot and then resumes its normal pivot irrigation path.

  • Bender30:
    • Automatically bends up to 30 degrees in either or both directions
    • Multiple bender units can be added using existing structural components
    • Available on Model 8120 Centre Pivots with span dimensions of 168, 219, 254mm and Polyspan.
  • Bender160
    • Bends up to 160 degrees in either or both directions
    • Multiple bender units can be added with custom structural components
    • Available on Model 8120 Centre Pivots with 168mm span dimensions.

Valley Dropspan

A flexible solution for irrigating around obstructions, the Valley Dropspan literally drops the outer spans to continue irrigating.

How does it work?

Two barriers are installed at either side of the obstruction. When the pivot reaches the first barrier the machine will stop for you to detach the towers with Dropspan before the rest of the pivot continues to irrigate until it reaches the second barrier. It auto reverses until in line with the ‘dropped’ spans ready for reattachment before continuing on its normal irrigation path.

Can be detached and reattached in under 15 minutes by one person without the need for tools!

Stop switch automatically aligns machine with dropped spans for fast and simple reattachment.

Control Technology

Giving you full control and peace of mind, the new Valley ICON Smart Panels eliminate unnecessary checks with information available right at your fingertips. Whether your investing in a new pivot, upgrading your existing panel or from another brand, we have the right control for you!

All ICON Smart Panels are Base Station 3, AgSense and Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) compatible.

Base Station 3 is the most advanced irrigation control and management tool. Your irrigation equipment is remotely managed from a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone using a combination of technologies available.

Ag Sense now comes built in with every Valley ICON Smart Panel. It is a real time remote irrigation and farm management solution that monitors and controls irrigation equipment. It captures data, aggregates it and sends it back to you in information you can actually use!

Standard with ICON, Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) is ideal for areas under irrigation with varying soil types and topography. This allows customisation of water application depth through:

  • VRI speed control – Speeds up / slows down the pivot allowed every 2 degrees
  • VRI zone control – On / off control for specific areas and adjusting sprinkler control valve pulse rates.

Just another of Valley’s advanced technology offering is GPS Solutions. GPS Positioning allows you to accurately pinpoint where your linear or centre pivot is located at all times. GPS Guidance is used to accurately steer your linear and corner spans hassle free.

Please click on the image to download the Controls catalogue.

Valley Advantage

With the most advanced standard offerings and a range of options to fully customise your irrigation needs, Valley offers the advantage!

Drive Train: Two critical components make up the drive train, the wheel gear box and centre drive. The centre drive has the lowest power requirements in its class due to the highly efficient gearbox. Valley’s durable gearbox is designed for the most demanding conditions, each gearbox is factory tested before shipment, thats the Valley Advantage!

Polyspan: A patented design of polyethylene that is lined inside span pipe to resist the effects of corrosive, acidic, alkaline and saline waters on pipe. Watertorque highly recommend this if you are chemi or fertigating your crop. Available on Centre Pivots, Linear, Precision Corner and Bender30.

Flotation & Traction: Terrain specific options to prevent costly downtime of your machine getting stuck and to reduce wheel rut. There are 5 options:

CableGuard: Valley has developed a range of deterrent product lines to protect your copper cable from theft using heavy duty steel.

Sprinklers, Parts & Servicing

Here at Watertorque, we believe the essential element for efficiency is routine maintenance of your pivots and irrigation. This not only minimises costly downtime, but ensures the maximum productivity is achieved for you per acre and your machine is performing at its optimal.

We service all hydraulic and electric pivots whether you want a specific problem fixed or a full comprehensive service. This includes but is not limited to repiping with polyspan option, sprinkler replacements / upgrades, control panels, adding corners, benders and / or dropspan, replacing tyres / drive units or any spare parts and upgrades you require.

Choosing the right sprinkler is part of what we do for performance irrigation. We choose Nelson Australia as they offer a great selection of sprinklers from their Nelson Pivot Series and are our preferred supplier of quality irrigation products that deliver from pivot point to the end big gun.
Click on their handy Pivot Pocket Guide for some extra tips and sprinkler solutions suited for you.

Please click on the image to download the Nelson Pivot Pocket guide.

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